Why do I get injured so easily running?

Why do I get injured so easily running?

October 5, 2023

Why do I get injured so easily running?

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Why Do I Get Injured So Easily Running?

Running is one of the world’s most beloved forms of exercise, yet it also carries risks. Its high intensity could result in serious injuries if not taken care of properly.
If you find yourself getting injured too frequently, there could be several causes to consider. Read on to discover how to address these issues and prevent future incidents from arising!

1. You’re not stretching enough

Stretching helps maintain your body’s flexibility and strength, helping to prevent injuries like muscle strains or sprains.
Stretching can help reduce your risk of injury, but it’s essential to remember that stretches can also be uncomfortable. Therefore, it is best to stretch your muscles slowly and with caution.
Stretches come in two varieties: static stretches and dynamic. According to physical therapist Ravi Patel, static stretches involve lengthening your muscles until they feel tight and holding them for 15 seconds or more.
Dynamic stretches are especially beneficial for runners and other athletes, since they involve movement instead of holding. For instance, a runner might start their run by rolling their ankles forward or backward.

2. You’re not using the right form

Running with proper form is essential for avoiding injuries, but everyone’s form differs. Without the guidance of a trainer or another trained individual, it may not be possible for you to assess how best to run.
Thankfully, most experts agree on some fundamental principles of good form. Although there is no one-size-fits-all approach to running, many suggest focusing on one body part at a time and gradually making adjustments as you go along.
Focus on your head position by keeping your chin in a neutral place and gazing 15 to 20 feet ahead. Also, avoid jutting or tipping your chin forward (hunching over), which puts strain on the neck, shoulders, and back muscles.

3. You’re not properly warming up

A warm up is an integral component of any workout or sporting endeavor. It raises your body’s temperature, loosens muscles and tendons, and gets the blood pumping.
Running is one of the most common sports to suffer injury in, but you can significantly lower your risk by warming up properly before each run.
Runners typically follow a similar warm up sequence for every session they do, provided it meets the demands of that specific exercise. However, if you’re doing interval sessions or races, it may be beneficial to do more intense dynamic warm ups than usual.

4. You’re not getting enough sleep

Sleep is essential for many reasons, not the least of which being its impact on your health. When you get enough shut-eye, your body can run more efficiently and effectively.
Sleep has many benefits for your health, but the primary one is that it helps repair your body from daily stresses.
Sleeping enough each night is the best way to prevent injuries while running. Aim for at least eight hours of shut-eye each night, and don’t let your social commitments interfere with that time. Additionally, make sure you get plenty of exercise during the day; this can easily be accomplished using various techniques. Soon enough, you’ll start seeing improvements in your performance levels!

5. You’re not eating right

Running can become injury-prone if they don’t eat the right foods. This is especially true for new runners who may not be familiar with their body’s needs.
To prevent injuries, it’s essential to eat sufficient amounts of food before and after running. Additionally, eating regularly throughout the day helps ensure you don’t skip meals or snacks.

It’s essential to switch up the surfaces you run on. If you’re used to running on a smooth, flat surface like asphalt, switch it up for something more natural like grass or dirt trails. Doing this helps avoid overuse injuries that can develop if you only run one surface.

If you’re struggling with injuries or need guidance on proper running techniques, consider visiting Total Health & Rehab Center for expert advice and treatment. You can contact us to schedule an appointment with our team of specialists. For more information on how to deal with specific issues like back pain and sciatica, check out our website.

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